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Through Sally Ann Designs, we've not only mastered a wonderful hobby (and Liz is a lefty!), we've also met the nicest people.

Liz & Dana Simendinger


I am a beginner crochet student with Sally Ann. I had wanted to take a crochet class for a while and then met Sally Ann at a Farmer's Market in Ramsey and clicked with her personality immediately. She is a wonderful teacher and is very patient and creative. If you are having trouble with a pattern, she gets creative and finds an easier way so that you do not get frustrated. The other ladies in the class are wonderful and it is 2 hours of fun enjoyment, each week, that I look forward to. Karen Koehler


Sally Ann creates the most exquisite hand knitted and crocheted one of a kind pieces. I first discovered her and her amazing pieces at a town fair. I had purchased two pieces at that time. I received so many complements on them that I decided to do my holiday shopping for my office staff and sisters with Sally Ann. She invited me into her workshop and we spent time carefully deciding on which beautiful creation would be best for each person. Sally Ann made it so easy. If there was something I liked but thought the person would look better in a different color scheme, she custom made it for me. The hardest part of the whole process was resisting keeping them all for myself. I think I left with two pieces for myself. No two pieces of the many creative patterns and designs are the same, so it is easy to fall in love with them all. Another time I needed a unique gift for a woman who owns a very well known jewelry shop in Soho. Sally Ann created a beautiful custom crocheted necklace, which was a big hit. Everything is so beautifully hand crafted with the finest quality yarns and threads in a tasteful artistic style.  Looking at similar pieces in major high end department or boutique specialty stores, there is no comparison to the fine work of SallyAnnDesigns pieces.  I can’t wait to see what she has been working on over the past few months!


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